Who Is The Native Hat Co.?

lindsey syndergaard and family

As a second generation Arizona native, designer and founder, Lindsey Syndergaard, created The Native Hat Co. 

Lindsey has always enjoyed wearing a hat to complete her outfit for fun, but after a shocking diagnosis of skin cancer in 2020 and 2021 things changed. She was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcenoma on her neck and cheek and underwent a surgical Moehs procedure. The surgeries were successful, both leaving a scar, but reminding her of the importance of protecting her skin.

Growing up as a kid, she always enjoyed being outdoors, but never wore sunscreen. After graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in nursing, her skin health became a priority... she wore daily sunscreen, used hats and other items to shade her skin and went to yearly dermatologist visits.

She now has three boys and makes sure they have learned from an early age how important it is to protect their skin, especially, living in Arizona. Of course she always wanted to find hats more unique then she could, so she started to create her own.

The Native Hat Co. is a company that offers options to customize your own hat or enjoy a uniquely, ready - made hate from our line of straw, fedora and cowboy hats.

This company provides its customers with a custom and moderalty priced addition to your wardrobe. The Native Hat Co. also gives back by donating a portion of its profits to skin cancer research.